Isaiah: The LORD’s Encouragement to the Godly.

The seventh major division in the Book of Isaiah contains the theme of The Ministry of Restoration (49-55). This section focuses on the particular individual referred to as the Servant of Yahweh. The Prophet Isaiah heralds not only the person known as the Servant, but also His work.

The person and work of the Servant is highlighted in the following areas. First, there is the Call and Mission of the Servant (49:1-13). Second, the Comfort for Israel provided by the Servant (49:14-26). Third, Israel’s Deliverance through the Servant (50). Fourth, the Servant’s Encouragement to the Godly (51:1-52:12). Fifth, the Suffering Servant (52:13-53:12). Sixth, the Renewal of the Covenant by the Servant (54-55).

What is the Servant of Yahweh’s encouragement to the godly? It is centered in the truth that He alone is the chosen seed of Yahweh.

In Isaiah 51:1-2, the LORD reminded His chosen people that they were descendants of the Patriarch Abraham and his wife Sarah. God’s chosen people have a rich heritage of faith (Romans 4; Hebrews 11:8-19).

Isaiah 51:3-8 refers to the future Millennial Kingdom. It will be at this time that God promises to destroy all of His enemies and will rule over all the nations.

Isaiah 51:9-11 is a prayer by God’s people. The prayer is for God to do all which He has promised to do.

God’s response to His people’s prayer is His personal assurance that He will always protect them (Isaiah 51:12-16).

God’s people are given two divine wake-up calls. The first has to do with the LORD’s wrath (51:17-23). The cup of God’s wrath will be transferred from Jerusalem and given to the enemies of Jerusalem. The second has to do with the LORD’s power (52:1-6, 11-12). God’s people will be clothed with God’s strength and He will deliver them from Babylon. Therefore, God’s people were to shout the glorious news of God’s deliverance (52:7-10).

The eternal truth emanating from Isaiah 51-52:12 is that just as God would rebuild Israel in the 7th century B.C., He is in the same sense currently rebuilding His people whose sin was destroying them. He is creating a profitable and fruitful people from what was once a barren, spiritual desert (I Peter 2:1-5).

Soli deo Gloria!

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