Isaiah: The LORD’s Comfort and Deliverance.

The seventh major division in the Book of Isaiah contains the theme of The Ministry of Restoration (49-55). This section focuses on the particular individual referred to as the Servant of Yahweh. The Prophet Isaiah heralds not only the person known as the Servant, but also His work.

The person and work of the Servant is highlighted in the following areas. First, there is the Call and Mission of the Servant (49:1-13). Second, the Comfort for Israel provided by the Servant (49:14-26). Third, Israel’s Deliverance through the Servant (50). Fourth, the Servant’s Encouragement to the Godly (51:1-52:12). Fifth, the Suffering Servant (52:13-53:12). Sixth, the Renewal of the Covenant by the Servant (54-55).

What comfort and deliverance does the Servant of Yahweh provide for God’s people? Isaiah 49:14-26 and 50:1-3, 10-11 provides the answer.

To begin with, God’s people have a complaint (49:14). They believe that in the midst of persecution and suffering that God has forsaken and forgotten them. Have you ever felt this way? Many believers have.

It is during such times as this that God graciously and gently reminds His people that He never will leave or forsake them (50:1-3; Hebrews 13:1-6). Rather, it is often His people who forsake and forget Him.

However, in spite of the believer’s faithlessness to God, God in His faithfulness reassures His people that He still loves them (49:15-26). His love is stronger than that of a nursing mother and her infant (49:15). His care and comfort are compared to an engraving on the palms of His hands (49:16). His promises are that He will destroy the believer’s enemies (49:17-18), He will gather His people and bless them (49:19-21), and He will provide for them (49:22-26).

What is the believer’s responsibility in the midst of all these promises from the LORD? Believers are to fear and obey the LORD and not look to themselves (50:10-11).

May we ever continually depend upon the LORD.

Soli deo Gloria!



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