The Word, The Gospel, & Preaching

“And this word is the good news that was preached to you” (I Peter 1:25).

The Apostle Peter was concerned with three primary things, according to I Peter 1:25, for the believers to whom He was writing. So should the church today. These three things were the Word, the good news of the gospel, and preaching.

The Word is the Greek word ῥῆμα, rhema, which is a particular portion or unit of Scripture. Peter was adamant that the source of our preaching/teaching must be a portion taken from the Bible. In the context, the word which literally belongs to and comes from the Lord, which refers us to Isaiah 40.

The particular portion, or topic, to which the apostle was concerned was the good news of the gospel. The phrase “good news” (εὐαγγελίζω; euangelizo) is the good news that God exists, sin exists, One Savior exists and salvation exists by grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

This good news is to be preached. Inherent in the word euangelizo, or good news, is that this gospel is to be announced. Its message is not to be changed or altered in anyway and is to be communicated with our entire being. This is the message for which Peter, and the Apostle Paul, among many others were martyred. It is the treasure for which God has entrusted to our care (2 Corinthians 4).

May these three primary components of the early church be found in our churches, beloved. It anything else becomes the reason for which we do ministry, we have lost the biblical vision from God.

Soli deo Gloria!

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