Titus: Sanctified in the Truth.

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” (John 17:17 (ESV)

Truth (ἀλήθεια; aletheia) is that which is in accord with what really happens. Truth is facts that correspond to a reality, whether historical (in the time/space continuum) (Lk 4:25; Ac 4:27), or an eternal reality not limited to historical fact. It cannot be overemphasized that men and women who have accomplished anything in God’s strength have always done so on the basis of their grasp of biblical truth.

“God and his truth cannot be changed; the gospel is not negotiable.” — Sinclair Ferguson

“Whenever unbelief thinks it has buried the truth, the ‘corpse’ always comes to life in the midst of the funeral to outlive all the pallbearers.” — John Marshall

A half-truth masquerading as the whole truth becomes a complete untruth.” — Vance Havner

“Truth is the most glorious thing; the least filling of this gold is precious.” — J.I. Packer

“What shall we be violent for if not for truth?
Truth is ancient; its grey hairs may make it venerable;
it comes from Him who is the ancient of days.
Truth is unerring; it is the star that leads to Christ.
Truth is pure (Psalm 119:140).
It is compared to silver refined seven times (Psalm 12:6).
There is not the least spot on truth’s face; it breathes nothing but sanctity.
Truth is triumphant; it is like a great conqueror; when all his enemies lie dead,
it keeps the field and sets up its trophies of victory.
Truth may be opposed, but never quite deposed…
When the water in the Thames is lowest, a high tide is ready to come in.
God is on truth’s side, and so long as there is no fear it will prevail.” — Thomas Watson from Heaven Taken by Storm

Jesus’ prayer to God the Father was that He would set apart Jesus’ disciples unto holiness by the truth of God’s Word. God’s Word and prayer are the God appointed means unto sanctification. This results in biblical worship, discipleship, fellowship, and evangelism.

May each of us pursue such sanctification. Let me encourage you to begin reading the Epistle to Titus. Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Soli deo Gloria!

The His Word Today Weekly Podcast begins Monday, September 5 featuring expository messages from the Epistle to the Ephesians.

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