The Journey of Joseph: The Brothers Travel to Egypt.  

So the men took this present, and they took double the money with them, and Benjamin. They arose and went down to Egypt and stood before Joseph” (Genesis 43:15 (ESV)

Much has happened since Jacob’s sons returned from Egypt. Much has happened as they prepared to return to Egypt.

Jacob instructed his sons to gather various choice fruits, spices and nuts to give to the Egyptian governor. He also directed them to give back the money they found in their sacks on their return trip to Canaan (Gen. 43:11-14). Finally, he entrusted his youngest son Benjamin into their care, especially Judah’s (Gen. 43:1-13).

Moses did not record the time interval between the brothers’ first visit to Egypt and their second. He also did not indicate how long it took them to travel to Egypt. What he did write, which is contained in today’s text, is that they took the present for the governor, and double the money with them. Presumably they took double the money in order to compensate for the first load of grain along with the new purchase. They also took their most precious item: Benjamin.

They travelled south to Egypt. Having visited that region, it is a hot and arid area. In other words, it is a desert. Perhaps even more so during this devastating famine. However, they eventually reached their destination and stood before Joseph.

Dr. R. C. Sproul writes, “When Jacob finally allowed Benjamin to go to Egypt, his trusting in the Almighty no matter what might happen was not stoic acquiescence to fate (Gen. 43:14). He took action to help smooth the way forward for his sons, knowing that the Lord uses the decisions of His people to work out His sovereign plan. Jacob understood trusting the Lord is not only intellectual assent, it also means doing what God tells us is right (James 2:14–26). Israel prayed for Benjamin’s safe return and sent a present to the pharaoh’s steward (Gen. 43:11–13), a wise move for those who approached royalty in those days. The honey, which could be found in diverse places such as rocks (Deut. 32:13), animal carcasses (Judg. 14:8–9), and trees (1 Sam. 14:25–27), was an extra-special treat during a famine. Jacob trusted in God’s providence, and the Lord did watch over Jacob’s sons once he sent them back into the land of the Nile.”  

More to come as the journey of Joseph, and his family, continues. Have a blessed day as you trust in the LORD’s providence.

Soli deo Gloria!

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