The Westminster Confession of Faith: Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day. Part 3.  

We will continue to devote each Lord’s Day Weekend in 2022 at to present a portion of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF). For those unfamiliar with the WCF, a brief explanation is appropriate. 

The Westminster Confession of Faith is a Reformed confession of faith. Drawn up by the 1646 Westminster Assembly as part of the Westminster Standards to be a confession of the Church of England, it became and remains the “subordinate standard” of doctrine (to Scripture) in the Church of Scotland and has been influential within Presbyterian churches worldwide.

It is to that “most precise and accurate summary of the content of biblical Christianity” that we will give our time and attention to each Lord’s Day in the year of our Lord, 2021. I trust you will be edified and encouraged each week by The Westminster Confession of Faith.

Chapter Twenty One: Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day. Part 3.

5. The reading of the Scriptures with godly fear;a the sound preaching;b and conscionable hearing of the Word, in obedience unto God with understanding, faith, and reverence;c singing of psalms with grace in the heart;d as, also, the due administration and worthy receiving of the sacraments instituted by Christ; are all parts of the ordinary religious worship of God:e besides religious oaths,f vows,g solemn fastings,h and thanksgivings upon several occasions;i which are, in their several times and seasons, to be used in an holy and religious manner.k

  1. Acts 15:21Rev 1:3. • b. 2 Tim 4:2. • c. Isa 66:2Mat 13:19Acts 10:33Heb 4:2James 1:22. • d. Eph 5:19Col 3:16James 5:13. • e. Mat 28:19Acts 2:421 Cor 11:23-29. • f. Deut 6:13 with Neh 10:29. • g. Isa 19:21 with Eccl 5:4-5. • h. Est 4:16Joel 2:12Mat 9:151 Cor 7:5. • i. Est 9:22; Psa 107 throughout. • k. Heb 12:28.

6. Neither prayer, nor any other part of religious worship, is now, under the gospel, either tied unto, or made more acceptable by any place in which it is performed, or towards which it is directed:a but God is to be worshipped everywhereb in spirit and truth;c as in private familiesd daily,e and in secret each one by himself,f so more solemnly in the public assemblies, which are not carelessly or willfully to be neglected or forsaken, when God, by his Word or providence, calleth thereunto.g

a. John 4:21. • b. Mal 1:111 Tim 2:8. • c. John 4:23-24. • d. Deut 6:6-72 Sam 6:1820Job 1:5Jer 10:25Acts 10:21 Pet 3:7. • e. Mat 6:11. • f. Mat 6:6Eph 6:18. • g. Isa 56:6-7Prov 1:20-21248:34Luke 4:16Acts 2:4213:42Heb 10:25.

I encourage you to read the portions of Scripture listed in this post.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day.

\Soli deo Gloria!

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