The Westminster Confession of Faith: Of Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience. Part 3.

We will devote each Lord’s Day in 2021 at to present a portion of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF). For those unfamiliar with the WCF, a brief explanation is appropriate. 

The Westminster Confession of Faith is a Reformed confession of faith. Drawn up by the 1646 Westminster Assembly as part of the Westminster Standards to be a confession of the Church of England, it became and remains the “subordinate standard” of doctrine (to Scripture) in the Church of Scotland and has been influential within Presbyterian churches worldwide.

It is to that “most precise and accurate summary of the content of biblical Christianity” that we will give our time and attention to each Lord’s Day in the year of our Lord, 2021. I trust you will be edified and encouraged each week by The Westminster Confession of Faith.

Chapter Twenty: Of Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience. Part 3.

4. And because the power which God hath ordained, and the liberty which Christ hath purchased, are not intended by God to destroy, but mutually to uphold and preserve one another; they who, upon pretense of Christian liberty, shall oppose any lawful power, or the lawful exercise of it, whether it be civil or ecclesiastical, resist the ordinance of God.a And for their publishing of such opinions, or maintaining of such practices, as are contrary to the light of nature, or to the known principles of Christianity, whether concerning faith, worship, or conversation; or to the power of godliness; or such erroneous opinions or practices as, either in their own nature, or in the manner of publishing or maintaining them, are destructive to the external peace and order which Christ hath established in the Church; they may lawfully be called to account,b and proceeded against by the censures of the Church, and by the power of the Civil Magistrate.c

a. Mat 12:25Rom 13:1-8Heb 13:171 Pet 2:13-1416. • b. Rom 1:32 with 1 Cor 5:1511132 John 1:10-11 and 2 Thes 3:14 and 1 Tim 6:3-5 and Titus 1:10-1113 and Titus 3:10 with Mat 18:15-171 Tim 1:19-20Rev 2:214-15203:9. • c. Deut 13:6-122 Kings 23:5-6920-212 Chron 15:12-131634:33Neh 13:151721-222530Isa 49:23Dan 3:29Zec 13:2-3Rom 13:3-4 with 2 John 1:10-111 Tim 2:2Rev 17:1216-17.

I encourage you to read the portions of Scripture listed in this post.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day.

\Soli deo Gloria!

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