The Westminster Confession of Faith: Providence. Part 2.

We will devote each Lord’s Day in 2021 at to present a portion of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF). For those unfamiliar with the WCF, a brief explanation is appropriate. 

The Westminster Confession of Faith is a Reformed confession of faith. Drawn up by the 1646 Westminster Assembly as part of the Westminster Standards to be a confession of the Church of England, it became and remains the “subordinate standard” of doctrine (to Scripture) in the Church of Scotland and has been influential within Presbyterian churches worldwide.

It is to that “most precise and accurate summary of the content of biblical Christianity” that we will give our time and attention to each Lord’s Day in the year of our Lord, 2021. I trust you will be edified and encouraged each week by The Westminster Confession of Faith.

Chapter Five: Providence. Part 2.

2. Although in relation to the foreknowledge and decree of God, the first cause, all things come to pass immutably and infallibly,a yet by the same providence he ordereth them to fall out, according to the nature of second causes, either necessarily, freely, or contingently.b

a. Acts 2:23. • b. Gen 8:22Exod 21:13 with Deut 19:51 Kings 22:2834Isa 10:6-7Jer 31:35.

3. God, in his ordinary providence, maketh use of means,a yet is free to work without,b above,c and against them,d at his pleasure.

a. Isa 55:10-11Hosea 2:21-22Acts 27:3144. • b. Job 34:10Hosea 1:7Mat 4:4. • c. Rom 4:19-21. • d. 2 Kings 6:6Dan 3:27.

Take the time today to read each attribute along with its corresponding biblical reference. You will be blessed and edified.

Soli deo Gloria!

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