Isaiah: The Attributes of God.

Isaiah 45-48 forms a comprehensive whole in its treatment of not only God’s sovereignty in choosing to use the Persian King Cyrus, but also His attributes.

The Prophet Isaiah begins examining God’s righteous anger by describing the sins of Babylon. These include merciless cruelty, materialism, and pride (47:6-7, 8, 10).

It is because of these sins that God brings shame upon Babylon (47:1-4). The suffering the LORD brings upon them includes crushing their idols (46:1-2), crushing their military power (47:5), and brining about this destruction in a single day (47:9, 11–15; Daniel 5).

However, God is the God of salvation. The deliverance from sin’s penalty, power and eventual presence is universally offered to all (45:22-25). It is effectually given to God’s people (48:20-22).

The LORD is also faithful. He is faithful in His care (46:3-4), but also in His correction (48:16-17).

God is unique. There is no idol, however expensive, that can ever equal Him (46:5-9).

The LORD is omnipotent. He created all things (48:13). He used Cyrus to rebuild the Jewish Temple (46:11-13; 48:1-15). The LORD does what He desires to do (46:10).

The LORD is eternal (48:12), gracious (48:1-11), and is grieved by our sin (48:18-19).

Let all of us worship the LORD today not only in the truth of who He is, but also with a full heart of love and devotion for all that He is.

Soli deo Gloria!







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