Isaiah: The Messiah’s Rule and Reign.

The Prophet Isaiah prophesied of the LORD’s rule and reign over a restored Israel (32-33). The prophet also heralded a sixth woe—this one against the ancient Assyrians. Isaiah described two periods of time for God’s people: one in the future and one in his own day.

To begin with, Isaiah proclaims what life will be like in the future Millennial Kingdom (32:1–8, 15–20; 33:16–24). The prophet’s focus not only concerns the Son of God, Jesus Christ, but also the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit.

The glorious and beautiful ministry of the Son of God will be fivefold (32:1–8; 33:16–24): The Messiah will (1) Reign as earth’s righteous king (32:1); (2) Restore and regenerate Israel (32:2–4); (3) Right all wrongs (32:5–8); (4) Meet the needs of all people (33:16); and (5) Usher in universal peace (33:18–24).

The glorious and beautiful ministry of the Spirit of God will be as follows (32:15–20). He will (1) Anoint the people of God (32:15); (2) Bring about worldwide justice (32:16–17); and (3) Guarantee abundant crops (32:18–20).

Isaiah also heralded warnings concerning circumstances in his own day during the 8th century B.C. (32:9–14; 33:1–15). The prophet’s warning were twofold.

Isaiah initially warned the women of Israel to not only hear God’s Word (32:9-10), but also to obey it (32:11–14). Otherwise, their land would be overgrown, and their homes would be gone due to their laziness.

Isaiah subsequently warned the Nation of Assyria against any aggression they might take against the Southern Kingdom of Judah (33:1–15). The people of Judah prayed for deliverance by God and from Assyria (33:2–4). The LORD heard their prayer and promises that (1) The Assyrian destroyers would be destroyed (33:1); and (2) Assyrian soldiers would be cut down like thorns and burned (33:5–15).

Not only will the LORD rule and reign in the millennial future, but He also rules and reigns in our present circumstances. All believers of all time can rest in the rule and reign of Yahweh.

Soli deo Gloria!









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