The Atonement: Books on the Atonement.

Each Saturday, during this series on the atonement of Jesus Christ, I will submit some books for you to consider reading which concern the substitutionary atonement of and by Jesus Christ on behalf of sinners. Some of these books are by authors you may readily recognize. Others you may not. Some of the books are by contemporary authors and pastors. Others are by pastors and theologians from church history. All are beneficial.

Today’s book concerning the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ is by Anthony Carter and is entitled Bloodwork: How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes our Salvation. Anthony J. Carter serves as the lead pastor of East Point Church in Atlanta, GA. He is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.

Rev. Carter’s book is one of many that I have on my I-Pad. It is also one of many that I have concerning the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ. Following a heartfelt introduction, Rev. Carter examines the significance of the atonement Jesus provides through His shed blood on the cross. In fact, the first chapter of the book is entitled Our Bloody Religion. Carter explains that, “It (Christianity) is a bloody religion not because of the blood shed by people in wars and inquisitions, but because of the blood shed by Jesus Christ.”

The book’s subsequent chapters contain various aspects which concern the atonement of Christ. These various chapter titles contain specific verbs with each followed by the phrase “by the Blood.” These titles respectively include the verbs purchased, justified redeemed, brought near, pace, cleansed, sanctified, elect, ransomed and freed. Carter also includes a chapter on the doctrine of propitiation.

There are two appendices. The second contains classic hymns containing the theme of the blood of Christ and His substitutionary atonement for His people. The first appendix contains a recent hymn entitled O Precious Blood (East Point Music 2009). The lyrics are as follows:

O precious blood, which makes us clean                                                                                        we trust in it only this hour,                                                                                                            And since our Savior’s sacrifice                                                                                                     now o’er me sin has lost its power.

It’s not on us our God does look                                                                                                        for nothing in us pleasing be,                                                                                                      Instead He sees my Savior’s blood                                                                                                 and sees it even covers me.  

So pleasing is my Savior’s blood                                                                                                       no longer need I to depend,                                                                                                              on who I am and what I do                                                                                                               For by His blood I am let in.

Unto the blood of sprinkling come                                                                                              where better things of Him are said,                                                                                              the Lamb of God was crucified                                                                                                        My sins are placed upon His head.

It’s by His blood, His sacrifice                                                                                                          His love and his mercy given,                                                                                                        That we have hope in paradise,                                                                                                     Ever with our Lord in heaven.


His blood does make the world appear,                                                                                        less delightful to all my eye,                                                                                                              He sacrificed to draw us near,                                                                                                           to worship Him with all my life.

Bloodwork: How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes our Salvation is published by Reformation Trust, 2013. Purchasing information is accessible at and

May God’s truth and grace reside here.

Soli deo Gloria!


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