Knowing God!

As we prepare for Easter or Resurrection Sunday this year, which is a little over a month away, I would like for us to consider what it means to know God. We should understand that knowing about God is different than actually knowing Him.

Several years ago, I preached a series of messages on the topic of Knowing God. What does the title “knowing God” mean? How does this ongoing discipline of knowing God occur? Who is responsible for knowing God? What particular people are to passionately pursue the discipline of knowing God?

To “know” biblically means to understand, to be familiar with, and to possess information. The object believers in Christ are to understand, to be familiar with and to possess information is the One, True God of the Scriptures.

Please notice that the word “knowing” is a present active participle. I am using that word deliberately. Believers never arrive at a complete knowledge of God prior to heaven. We are always on an active, progressive, and passionate journey of continuously knowing, and understanding God.

This journey of knowing God is not only about who He is, but also about what He does. What is God like? What are His attributes and is there any one attribute greater than others? What does God hate? Does God hate? What are the many things which God has chosen to do?

In what or who does He delight? Is there any way that believer can make God love them more? Is there any way believers can make God love them less?

Is knowledge about God’s existence sufficient enough to save an individual from God’s wrath? If not, what can or does save a sinner from the wrath of God. Is God a God of wrath?

As you can see, there are many questions surrounding the subject of knowing God. Our goal is to acquire biblical answers. Let’s begin.

Soli deo Gloria!